Our Baddiecaddie's are made from pure and natural vegan leather with 100% organic soft silky satin and durable acrylic plastic.

We're taking coffee holding to the next level. We know what there is nothing worse then having your hands full of coffee while shopping, holding your babes or simply doing anything involving your hands. SO let's free them up shall we?!

Each Baddiecaddie is locally-sourced, hand selected and made individually for you.

  • "OH MY GOSH"

    We are one of the 1st official retailers that baddiecaddie connected with and oh my gosh, these are so perfect for our cafe. Not only is the product top quality, but the colours are prettier in person. We absolutely love the floral Iris and damnn does she ever look good!


    I can't even begin to explan how absolutely perfect my baddiecaddie is. I bought the Tan + Purple combination and I couldn't be happier. The quality doesn't quit and I'm going to order more. PLUS I get compliments every single time I go out and use it 🥰


    Okay how have I even lived before this product?! I love shopping and always hated holding my coffee cup. This little baddiecaddie free's up your hands- I'm literally obsessed. It's honeslty a next-level game changer AND IT'S GORGEOUS 11/10


More photos and options coming soon xx